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Isaly's fine art painting by Pittsburgh artist, Charles Ott.

Featured here is a new painting I created over the summer of another favorite storied landmark of Pittsburgh. For many generations of Pittsburghers few places evoked many wonderful and unforgettable memories quite like Isaly’s.

The people of Pittsburgh held Isaly’s in high regard and every neighborhood seemed to have one. The chain of family-owned dairies and restaurants started in Mansfield, Ohio and would eventually stretch from Pennsylvania to Iowa. Isaly’s was and still is known for its iconic BBQ chipped chopped ham which is sliced razor thin and is a favorite lunchtime meal. They were also known for creating the famous Klondike Bar ice cream treat and their towering Skyscraper Cones which were loved by children of all ages. The company employed a fun friendly atmosphere with its nostalgic high styled art deco interiors complete with comfortable sit-down booths, classic checkered green and white ceramic flooring and silver polished stools. For many of us who grew up in Pittsburgh, Isaly’s transported us to simpler and treasured times.

Click the link below to the Pittsburgh Art section of my fine art website to purchase this print which has come to be loved by Pittsburghers.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Pittsburgh Art

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Three Rivers Stadium pen and ink drawing by Pittsburgh artist, Charles Ott.Featured here is a detailed pen & ink illustration I created of Three Rivers Stadium which was a multi-purpose stadium located on the north shore of the Allegheny River in the city of Pittsburgh. It was home to the MLB Pittsburgh Pirates and NFL Pittsburgh Steelers respectively between 1970-2000. The stadium was given its name due to its location at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers which come to form the Ohio River at Point State Park. The stadium opened on July 16, 1970, marking the teams move from legendary Forbes Field located near the University of Pittsburgh in the neighborhood of Oakland. Three Rivers Stadium was a beloved architectural landmark to generations of Pittsburghers.

Three Rivers Stadium produced many memories but two particularly stand out in the hearts of Pittsburghers. The first occurred on September 30, 1972 when Pirates right-fielder, Roberto Clemente on his last at bat had his 3,000th hit. Unfortunately, Roberto Clemente tragically lost his life a few months later while delivering medicine and supplies to earthquake ravaged Nicarauga. He is often regarded as the greatest right-fielder in baseball history and he will be forever remembered for his athleticism on the field and his humanitarian contributions and goodwill.

Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th hit

Franco Harris earned immortal fame with his “Immaculate Reception” in the closing seconds of the AFC divisional playoff game. The game occurred on December 23, 1972 against the Oakland Raiders at Three Rivers Stadium and set the stage for the Steelers dynastic reign as Superbowl champions.

Franco Harris & the “Immaculate Reception”

The Pittsburgh Pirates hosted the Baltimore Orioles in the very first game in a World Series to be played at night in 1971. The third MLB All-Star game presented by the Pirates occurred in 1974 and again in 1994, which featured the largest crowd for a baseball game at the stadium. The Pittsburgh Steelers played in seven AFC Championship games at the stadium between 1972-98 with the Steelers winning five of those matches. The Steelers sold out every home game from 1972 which continues to this day. Pittsburgh Steelers broadcaster, Myron Cope debuted the Terrible Towel at the stadium on December 27, 1975.

Three Rivers Stadium was imploded on February 11, 2001. Thousands of Pittsburghers braved a very cold morning to witness this tearful and emotional event from locations throughout the city. The Pirates moved nearby to PNC Park while the Steelers did the same at Heinz Field. But Three Rivers Stadium lives on in the memories of many.

Three Rivers Stadium Implosion

Click the link below to the Pittsburgh Drawings section of my fine art website to purchase this print and relive the glory days in the “City of Champions”.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Pittsburgh Drawings

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City of Pittsburgh skyline pen and ink drawing by Pittsburgh artist, Charles Ott.Featured here is a very detailed pen & ink illustration I created of my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This illustration has become my trademark centerpiece and a favorite of collectors of my work both in Pittsburgh and across the country. I am always personally amazed at how these illustrations turn out when they are completed with the attention to detail and the nearly preciseness to scale of the buildings and surrounding landscape. I think they look remarkable for not having had any formal architectural drafting education or training. For me, it has always been more about the passion that I put into my drawings and paintings to make them look as realistic as possible and to captivate the viewer. I would like for people to be proud of their hometown and the places that make it “someplace special”.

Pittsburgh is characterized by the shape of the city’s downtown and majestic skyline known as the Golden Triangle which forms a triangular tract. The Allegheny & Monongahela rivers carve at both sides of the city and converge at the Point to form the Ohio River. Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Steel” & the “City of Bridges”.

Click the link below to the Pittsburgh Drawings section of my fine art website to purchase this immaculate print of the City of Pittsburgh skyline.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Pittsburgh Drawings

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Steel City Artist Christmas Giveaway & Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays everyone! Once again, I will be offering my annual Christmas holiday customer appreciation special which includes a free pen & ink illustration or digital painting in the size that you order. The special runs through December 20th! This past year, I have expanded my design business to include various other great design ideas aside from the prints themselves. These can be found on my fine art website listed under the Ordering Information section and will be provided below as links underneath the link to my Steel City Artist website.

Win this immaculate 11×14 inch painting of the “Lighting of the Horne’s Tree” matted in black & gold for free! This painting would make a great addition to your home during the holidays! You will also have the opportunity to select any matted pen & ink or digital painting of your choice from my Steel City Artist fine art website provided at the link below. For every purchase you make your name will be added into my Steelers helmet. You can make as many purchases as you would like and your name will be added each time for each selected print giving you an even better chance to win! For purchases over $50 your name will automatically be added twice. The contest will end on December 20th and I will draw a name and announce the winner. Feel free to share the contest with your family and friends!

Click the link below to the Christmas Art section of my fine art website to purchase this print which makes a great gift for a Pittsburgh home during the holidays.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Christmas Art

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Happy New Year everyone! Here is one of my newest digital watercolor paintings of the new year. In 1947, twenty-one year old, Jerry Reed, founder of Jerry’s Curb Service was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force after completing his tour of duty. Jerry was contemplating his future and wanted to open his own business and became fascinated by the innovative drive-in restaurants he saw while on a stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With his fascination of these new restaurants and a desire to open his own business, the concept for Jerry’s Curb Service was born. On September 29, 1947, Jerry’s dream became a reality. In his beloved hometown of Beaver, Pennsylvania, Jerry and his wife served their first customer at the original Jerry’s Curb Service. During the summer, it is a popular location for Beaver Valley’s classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

Click the link below to the Automotive Art section of my fine art website to purchase this print. Step back in time to the Fabulous 50’s with classic cars, diners and rock and roll.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Automotive Art

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Over the past year, I have began teaching myself watercolor painting in the hopes of further expanding my artistic  portfolio and obtaining added interest in my assortment of fine art mediums. Watercolor painting is a very tedious form of art, but I am enjoying it thoroughly and it has gained a lot of interest from my fans who appreciate the minute detail in my works. The watercolor paintings are available for sale on my fine art website mainly as enlarged archival gallery laminated giclee canvas prints. Here is a watercolor painting I created featuring the majestic City of Pittsburgh and the famous “Golden Triangle”.

Click the link below to the Pittsburgh Art section of my fine art website to purchase this print of the City of Pittsburgh skyline and my most popular print.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Pittsburgh Art

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Here is a cool interactive multi-media photo gallery featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette yesterday. The gallery features a collection of photographs of Pittsburgh from the past and how it appears today. To view the photographs grab and drag the green handle on the image and slide left or right. The collection of photographs can be viewed at the link provided below.

Pittsburgh Then & Now

Steel City Artist Illustrations

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