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This Sunday, February 3rd marks Super Bowl XLVII between the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens and the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers. As a devoted Steelers fan, it is a two edged sword as to who we would prefer to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. While there is a much publicized hatred towards the Ravens, Steelers fans do not want to see the 49ers tied with the Steelers in the number of Super Bowl championships which would be six with each dynastic organization. Either way, it should be a great match-up of East coast vs. West coast and the Harbaugh brothers.

Featured here is an illustration I created awhile ago of 4X Super Bowl champion quarterback, Joe Montana. Joe was amongst the great “cradle of quarterbacks” here in western Pennsylvania. He grew up with my father in the once steel booming town of Monongahela which is a short drive from Pittsburgh. My father was the starting QB at Monongahela High School where he earned a scholarship to play at Ohio University. Unfortunately, his playing days were dashed in the late 60’s when he was drafted during the Vietnam war. Joe would follow a few years later to play at quarterback when the high school converted its name to Ringgold High School. Joe would go on to have a successful football career at the University of Notre Dame and win four Super Bowl championships with the San Francisco 49ers.

Click the link below to the Sports Art section of my fine art website to purchase this limited edition print of San Francisco 49’ers quarterback legend, Joe Montana.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Sports Art

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Steve McQueen was an American actor nicknamed “The King of Cool”. His anti-hero persona made him one of the top box-office draws of the 1960′s and 1970′s. Some of his popular films include The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Bullitt and the Towering Inferno to name a few. McQueen is featured in this painting from the movie he starred in called Bullitt with his 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback and the San Francisco skyline in the background. The famous car chase scene as he tears and winds through the streets of San Francisco at break neck speeds remains a Hollywood classic.

Bullitt San Francisco Car Chase Scene

Steel City Artist Illustrations

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Happy New Year everyone! Here is one of my newest digital watercolor paintings of the new year. In 1947, twenty-one year old, Jerry Reed, founder of Jerry’s Curb Service was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force after completing his tour of duty. Jerry was contemplating his future and wanted to open his own business and became fascinated by the innovative drive-in restaurants he saw while on a stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With his fascination of these new restaurants and a desire to open his own business, the concept for Jerry’s Curb Service was born. On September 29, 1947, Jerry’s dream became a reality. In his beloved hometown of Beaver, Pennsylvania, Jerry and his wife served their first customer at the original Jerry’s Curb Service. During the summer, it is a popular location for Beaver Valley’s classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

Click the link below to the Automotive Art section of my fine art website to purchase this print. Step back in time to the Fabulous 50’s with classic cars, diners and rock and roll.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Automotive Art

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