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Here is a digital painting I created for Harley-Davidson motorcycle collectors, enthusiasts and riders. The painting was designed with Mount Rushmore as the backdrop scenery and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the central theme. The Sturgis Bike Rally is the world’s largest bike rally held annually during the first week of August. Mt. Rushmore is a national landmark in the Black Hills of South Dakota which was designed by Gutzon Borgham in the 1930’s. From the granite he meticulously carved four of our U.S. presidents which include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt & Abraham Lincoln.

Steel City Artist Illustrations

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I have always been fascinated by airplanes since I was a little kid. I would watch them take off from my house near the Pittsburgh International Airport which is about ten miles away as they would rapidly climb to cruising altitude. The planes taking off from the airport usually bank to the right over the Ohio River and directly over my house. Some days you can follow the contrails of planes at cruising altitudes for miles on end for crystal clear days. You used to be able to watch the planes from the visitors deck at the old Pittsburgh Airport, which is a memory I remember as a young kid when my father would depart on his business trips. This illustration was something I created to mark a century of flight. It is amazing the technology that has evolved with aviation, from traversing across the Atlantic to exploring the depths of space. I believe I was named in honor of Charles Lindbergh as the name has been given to the first born son since my grandfather was born in 1927. It was in that year that Charles Lindbergh made his famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean on the Spirit of St. Louis.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Military Art

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Over the past couple of months I have been creating new digital graphics and paintings. As a result, many people who have come across my work since that time have been requesting personalized digital paintings for their home. I could not have timed it any better as it merged right in with the Christmas holiday shopping season. Personally, I felt like there was a decline of interest in the pen & ink illustrations and I needed something to reinvigorate me both from an artistic and a financial standpoint. Everything has its time and place and I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this art form. The digital art makes the art come alive with the vivid arrangement of colors and there is that personal connection that makes each piece unique in and of itself.

Featured here is my latest digital painting for the family of a Vietnam veteran who passed away two weeks ago from a lifelong battle from the effects of Agent Orange. The veteran’s name was Jim and he was a devoted father, husband and die-hard Steelers fan, especially the football players of the 70’s & the famed Steel Curtain defense. Jim was an elite veteran of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles and served in Vietnam from 1969-71. His family wanted me to create this digital painting to pass onto their children for them to cherish the memory of their father. Using my talents, I was able to incorporate the things which they were interested in adding to the piece. I was able to filter in an American flag into the wall itself while keeping the names of the veterans intact. The Screaming Eagles is emblazoned into the wall along with a portrait of Jim as the centerpiece and focal point. To the right are the members of the Steelers ‘Steel Curtain’ defense. The underlying symbolism is that they are both veterans of the battlefield and the gridiron. Usually when people visit the Vietnam Wall they leave mementos behind of a loved one, whether it is a flower or personal artifact and each are collected at the end of the day and stored in a military warehouse. I felt that the rifle lodged into the military boots was a befitting symbol and signifies the end of this soldier’s tour of duty as he joins his brothers in arms.

Click the link below to the Personalized Art section of my fine art website to view the collection of commissioned illustrations and paintings I have created.

Steel City Artist Illustrations – Personalized Art

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